Portrait photogapher:"I love English nature" -Fermyn park photoshoot

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

If I need to choose between a studio or location photo shoot, I will choose the location one. Of course, sometimes the client requires studio shoot but this was not that case. I had a free hand and like a portrait photographer with love to English nature, I picked one of my favourite location near my town, Fermyn woods park.

My model was Velichka from Bulgaria and she was amazing. She is a dream for all portrait photographers, beautiful and absolutely natural in front of the camera.

We had just one outfit with two variations, with and without the coat.

I used two lanses: canon 70-200 mm and canon 50 mm.

For the lightning, I used just one light with octagonal modifier on site and silver reflector. Of course in some situations, for example, during the golden hour, I used just silver reflector.

In that day it was quite cold but I really enjoyed the photo shoot and I love the results.

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