Home based family photoshoot in Liverpool !

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

As a family photographer based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, I always enjoy a nice family photoshoot. This was especially memorable. Capturing precious moments of a young family and their newborn baby was such a blessing and all of us truly had an amazing time.

In these family portraits, I tried to capture the little moments a young couple like this one can experience. The little moments that flash a smile on your face when you look back at them in photographs in your album. All of the smiles of our little model Paula, as well as loving stares of her big blue eyes that are like a blessing for her lovely parents, Zuzana and Marek from Liverpool. That is the reason why I believe every family should get a shoot like this. There is nothing more beautiful than to have these memories captured in pictures.

Because I was working with a newborn, it was very important that the baby, as well as her parents, were comfortable. This is the reason why we chose to do the photoshoot in the comfort of their home, which is possible because of my mobile studio. Because we were working in an environment they are familiar with, it was way easier and definitely less stressful for their tiny baby girl and her parents as well. That way we could get our work done but also enjoy every minute, which is always a nice plus. Shoots like this, of course, can be done in my photo atelier, but I am more than open to the idea of going to your home and make this experience not only nice and hopefully problem-free, but also transform it into an unforgettable memory.

The important thing to have in mind is that family portrait photoshoots take a lot of time. For example, this one, in particular, lasted for about five hours (including a newborn photo shoot, which you can check right here), and it can get even longer. The reason is that babies not always cooperate the way we would like them to and also, it not that easy to keep them focused, or even awake. Therefore it is a plus to have a good plan in mind, priorities straight and enough time for this kind of session. Many things can go wrong or not work the way they were planned, that's why it is always a nice idea to have spare time and a few tricks in your sleeves.

As far as the technical aspect goes, I tried to make it as simple as I possibly could. If I can, I will try to use natural lights but the weather is not always working in my favour, and so I had to use one light with octagonal modifier and also a silver reflector. When it comes to the lens, I went with the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4. I went for this lens because I was working indoors and while working with a baby, I need a wide range so the pictures can end up the way I want them to.

I am more than happy with the result of this session. If you like my work, please help me grow and share my work. Feel free to contact me if you are interested and want to book the photo session with me. The info about pricing can be found here.

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