Photo Studio & Location portrait photographer

   Here you have two easy options and is just up to you which one you would take. It´s just a few differences between studio & location photo shoot


   In my opinion photo shoot on location could better represent yourself, friends or your family. What I mean the location could be your favourite park where you going with your dog, the local pub where you meet your friends or at your home with your family. Basically, any place where you feel happy and comfy. The portraits from the location are looking more natural than the studio one and me as a portrait photographer I enjoy a bit more taking portrait in nature than in the studio.

blonde model wearing just jeans in the field, summer, glamour photo, fashion photorapher, portrait hotographer, Cheshire

From another hand, the studio photo shoot is slightly different and sometimes is necessary. First good thing especially in the wintertime, we don't need to care about the weather. In the studio or at your home (yes I can build the studio at your place) is still nicely warm. The second thing is we can shoot at any time because we don´t need sunlight. The main difference for the portrait photographer is that the photographer has more space to play with lightning, positioning and your mood. In the studio, I got perfect conditions without any distractions and the main object on the photos is you. That means you will have a nice professional model-looking photo.

High key portriat, blonde model in sweater, photo studio, portrait photorapher, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

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