Fitness trainer-personal branding photoshoot

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

As a portrait photographer, I´m obsessed with one thing, storytelling. What is important for me, the photos must have soul, if not they are just empty pictures and I´m not counting them as good photographs. That´s why the photoshoot take at least 1-1,5 hour because I try different lights, positions, locations, etc.

Storytelling is a necessary aspect of business/personal branding photography. This photoshoot was about Janka´s story. Janka is a fitness trainer and she knows that personal branding is very important for her career. That´s why she needed a portrait photographer and I am glad she chose me.

The photoshoot was in Corby swimming pool gym. In that time as a portrait photographer based in Corby(currently in Liverpool studio), I was very happy to support local business.

For lighting I used just one light with 120cm octagonal modifier, later on, I changed it for the small round diffuser. For the lens, I chose Sigma 1-70mm f2.8-4.

I started photographing along whit Janka´s regular training. The reason for this is simple. i wanted to take photos where Janka looks natural. I wanted to catch the emotion ho she enjoyed the training-her job.

In my opinion, the final result is awesome. So if you would like to work with me on your personal or business brand don't hesitate and contact me. For info about pricing click here.

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