Pleasant time during the newborn photoshoot

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Liverpool is a city full of young families and a lot of them want to capture their ray of sunshine in a baby form on the picture. That's why I like newborn photoshoots so much. Seeing the happy faces of parents as I try to catch the little smiles of their baby on camera is truly a blessing and other than the fact that it can be hard work, it also is a precious experience and all of us can have a delightful time.

I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this particular one in Liverpool. We agreed with the beautiful couple Zuzana and Marek from Liverpool to do their family portrait shoot (which you can check in here) as well as the newborn photo session in the comfort of their home. It, of course, can be done in my photo atelier, but because our little model Paula is only a few months old, we wanted to make this experience as stress-free as possible. Therefore I used my mobile studio and in the end, we all agreed that it was the best idea. As we were in their well-known environment, everyone was able to relax and simply enjoy these beautiful moments.

In this photo session, I tried to capture the beauty in simplicity. I went for a clean image and so for the background, I used light colours and soft materials, so the focus is on the baby girl and not on the disturbing elements in the back. In my opinion, it complements the whole innocent image of a newborn very well.

Because our model fell asleep in the meantime of this shoot, I was able to get my work done relatively quickly. But you never know what you will come across in shoots like this and speaking from experience, it can get pretty long. Children are unpredictable and sometimes goofy or simply not in the mood for the flash of the camera, and so it can be pretty time-consuming. Therefore it is always a good idea to not make any plans for at least 5 hours, so the whole event is not that stressful and you are not in a time rush. Another nice point is to have some kind of game plan in your mind. With your priorities straight, we know what we want and sure, nothing really goes as planned, but at least we have something to hold on to and also have a better chance of success.

An now to the not really interesting part, which is the equipment. I used one light with octagonal modifier and also a silver reflector. When it comes to the lens, I went with the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4. I used this lens because I was working indoors and I also need a wide range while working with a toddler.

As a newborn photographer, I really enjoyed this beautiful time and I am so happy with the ending result. If you like my work, please share it with your friends and relatives and help me grow. Feel free to contact me. if you want to book the photo session with me and also, the info about pricing can be found here.

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