Glamour photography in the rapeseed field

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Like I wrote before, I am a portrait photographer with love to English nature. Especially during spring. In this part of the year, nature is blooming by beautiful colours.

That's the reason why I choose the beautiful yellow rapeseed field for this photoshoot. As I´m a portrait photographer currently based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire , I´m always looking for nice places around the town and this is one of them.

This time my model was beautiful blond hair woman Kristina originally from Lithuania. She was amazing during the whole photoshoot. First, we started with regular portraits and later on, we took some glamour photography style shots.

I am that kind of photographer whom like glamour or boudoir photography style. Trough this kind of photos you can show how sexy, wild and beautiful person you are. There is just one rule, don't be shy and show your body in the most beautiful and natural way-with fewer clothes on.

Also, I like simple things and because of that for the outfit, we choose a simple black top and jeans plus for variation we used the yellow jacket.

Now from the technical site. Typically I used just one light wit octagonal 120 cm modifier plus natural light as rim/kick light. For the lens, I picked canon 50 mm f 1.8.

This time I used a bit different settings and the photos went incredibly well. I am very satisfied with the results and if you like as well, please share my work and feel free to contact me if you want to book the photo session with me. Also, the info about pricing you can find here.

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