Winter-themed photoshoot: high key portrait of a blonde woman (setup)

Updated: Jun 12

As a portrait photographer I always thinking about new ideas for photo shoot. And for a long time was in my head idea of high key #portrait. And finally here is the result. But let´s go back to the beginning.

Everything started with an idea about the high key portrait. I like this style of photos too much. So I said to myself let´s do it. I grabbed a pen, paper and started brainstorming.

winter-themed portrait of blonde woman
High key winter-themed headshot portrait of blonde woman. Studio portrait.

First easy part, model. The model decided a long time before the photoshoot, she needs some photos and working with me.

Second, think was clothes. This step was not that hard as I expected. We just went to Primark and found this lovely jumper. Then we decided, the theme will be winter and jumper is connected with winter so winning situation for us.

Third point, makeup. Again, easy decision. She is pretty enough so we used just light makeup (#loreal), matte lipstick (#bourjois), mascara(#mayballine) and eyeliner (#she).

And the final step was lighting setup. I used two flashlights and one silver reflector. One light was for background and second was directly in front and above the model. I put the reflector under the model's faces for nice filling light.

And this is it. My whole process of this photo shoot and of course final results.

I hope you like the photos and maybe you found the inspiraton.

Also if you would like similar photos don´t hesitate to contact me. Definitely, we can create some nice pictures in the studio, at your house or different location.

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