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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I am so excited about this particular photo session. I had a delightful time while working on

this model photo shoot for portfolio. This one took place in Ellesmere Port,Cheshire , which happen to be the place where I am staying. To be more precise it was an location shoot, in my opinion

quite essential in every model's portfolio.

Blonde model outdoor portrait, brick wall, headshot, portrait photographer, Ellesmere Port,Cheshire

I decided, as portrait photogapher, to go for very simple yet truly eye catching headshots with a brick wall as a background, which created unique characteristic for the otherwise quite bland photos.

Natural sunlight worked in our favour and also help to spice this whole photo

session up. That is exactly the reason why I like working outdoors. Don't get me wrong,

working indoors like in my photo studio in Ellesmere Port is great, but it is always some kind of adventure to be outside working with whatever the mother nature will give us. Until the very last moment, you cannot be sure about the final outcome of our work, which might be nerve-wrecking but

always so fun and exciting.

Blonde model outdoor portrait, face detail, brick wall, headshot, portrait photographer, Ellesmere Port,Cheshire

I had amazing opportunities throughout my career of portrait photographer to work with quite a hand-full of models and from them, and also from my own experience, I got to understand the importance of a fashion photography. It shows all the unique features of the model and also the abilities of a model. Therefore, I would say that this kind of beauty pictures are very necessary and should not be omitted in any model's portfolio.

Blonde model outdoor portrait, brick wall, headshot, portrait photographer, Ellesmere Port,Cheshire

Talking about the whole photo shoot process is important, but the behind the scenes is not

less important. It is really truly fundamental to have a stylist and make-up artist on the set.

Because we are taking headshots, the skin must be absolutely flawless and without any

spots. Also the hair can change the whole look and therefore the final product and the

overall impression of the images. And because of that, the hairstyle must be created with

the vision of the result. With this one, we went for kind of messy and raw look but there are

endless options with the power of make-up and styling.

And now to the maybe more boring part: technical aspect of the photo shoot. For this one, I

used my Canon 50mm f1.8 and for the lights, I used natural light as I mentioned earlier with

the help of one light with spill kill reflector. This combo was ideal and so the finished results

were amazing and both me and my client fallen in love with it.

Blonde model outdoor portrait, brick wall, headshot, closed eyes, mood, dreaming, portrait photographer, Ellesmere Port,Cheshire

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