Commercial portrait for commercial photographer !

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

In my humble opinion, every person running some kind of business should work on their personal branding, no matter if you are a photographer, a manager or even a pub owner. As a creator myself, I can tell for certain that one really good photo can sparkle a curiosity in many people and o lot of times is more valuable than ten pages long CV. And because of that, as a portrait photographer it is my job to make that good photo that will not only create a sparkle but hopefully even a flame of curiosity in your potential clients and of course the feeling of wanting to work exactly with you.

Most of my photoshoot sessions are held in my studio based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. All of my equipment is there and so it makes the whole process easier. But a lot of times, my dedication for well-done job pushes me to get out of my "photo bubble" and travel to the homes or workplaces of my clients. I not only want to have a nice finished product but also to make the time I spend with my clients as nice and relaxed as possible. That is also the reason why I like to use my mobile studio instead of my normal one in Ellesmere Port, Chesthire. Because my customer is more chilled in the comfort of the place they know, we can enjoy every minute and that is truly the best thing I can ask for.

I, myself, am working on my business branding. And because of that, I know how important and crucial it is. That is why I as a commercial photographer like to take extra care while shooting someone else's portrait picture that will later be used as a way to promote themselves and their work. Therefore I not only focus on the photo itself but the way the person looks on it. Every detail is important and that is where my stylist and make-up artist come to the game. They, very professionally, take care of your appearance and so the finished pictures are on point.

For corporate portraits like this I like to use Canon 50mm f1.8 lens and as lighting goes, I used octagonal modifier with silver reflector in the front and also kick lights from the back. That way I can make sure that everybody is satisfied with the results and that I and the customer are happy.

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