Amazing baby photoshoot with the lovely Karin!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I always like the idea of enjoying new photoshoots especially with babies. It’s a lot of fun to step out of the studio for a change and just bring in a new and exciting way to experience locations and explore the world. In the case of this photo shoot I had the opportunity to do it in Liverpool. I enjoyed the company of a great young family and their beautiful child Karin.

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Karin is very young, and they wanted a baby photo shoot so they can capture these amazing moments with their child the best way that they can. Since I am a family photographer this is always an exciting time for me, as I can perfect my craft and also bring in some unique ideas to the table all the time. It’s never going to be easy to capture all these moments on your own, so it’s my duty as a portrait photographer and baby photographer to bring in the right equipment and creative photo ideas to make this a reality.

adorable toddler portrait, family photography, family photographer, baby photography, Liverpool

I am very passionate about newborn photography as you already know, and I always try to push my skill and craft to the next level with every project. In this case it was an honor and a privilege for me to visit this beautiful family in Liverpool and create some great pictures for their lovely baby Karin. I am always focused on bringing in the utmost support and value, and in this case we decided to bring in some unique outdoor and indoor photo sessions. It’s a great combination of pictures and we decided to opt for this because it’s an interesting way to show the lovely Karin in numerous situations as she enjoys exploring everything.

The joy of life

What I liked the most about this photo shoot is the fact that Karin went along for the ride without a problem. She actually loves this type of shoots it seems, and that’s great for me, as I got to take dozens of cool photos with her in various situations. The water bubble part of the shoot was fun for both of us, and it brought in some great memories for both me and her family as well. At the same time, it was funny to see her try and catch the bubbles every time, it definitely was the highlight of the day and just an amazing and exciting experience overall.

adorable toddler portrait, family photography, family photographer, baby photography, Liverpool

Natural and cool

Despite being just a baby, Karin is clearly a star and a supermodel in her own right. And that’s because she went ahead and posed for many of these photos. I like the fact that my client decided to just take these pictures at their home. While I had to go to their house for this shoot, it was better for Karin because she was in a natural environment where she felt relaxed. And that’s very important for every baby photographer, to make the baby feel just like home.

adorable toddler portrait, family photography, family photographer, baby photography, Liverpool

A lengthy but fun experience

One thing to keep in mind for every newborn photographer is that baby photography sessions take a lot of time. And that’s because babies don’t always reply to the guidelines and ideas that you are offering them. They do sometimes, but usually it takes a bit to make them stay in a certain position or follow specific rules. And that’s why many of these sessions will end up taking 2 times more when compared to taking photos of adults. It also requires a lot of patience from the family photographer. But since I have a lot of experience taking this type of pictures, it felt natural and normal to me to encounter this type of situation and just experience the joy of taking pics for Karin’s family.

Technical specs

I decided to make this photoshoot as simple as possible, without too much technicality. And that’s why I didn’t bring in any special lighting or anything like that. For this particular photoshoot I just used natural light. When it comes to the lens, I went with the Canon 50mm f1.8. Since this was a simpler photoshoot, it was better for everyone because it made it easier for me to enjoy the process and the family didn’t have to go through a complicated process of setting up lights or anything like that.

Some adjustments were made in regards to lens and camera positioning as well as certain software changes to ensure all the filters and imaging is top notch in the end. But I always try to keep things basic especially when it comes to baby photography. We all want to see kids naturally, without filters or any additions that might not make a lot of sense.

Happiness at its finest

It’s always exciting to be a part of a baby photography session, just because you see the rawness and happiness that babies have. It’s something that I like to see all the time, as babies and children in general are the ones that bring a smile to your face especially during a long photo session. And in the end that’s the thing that matters the most, to enjoy your time while also being a part of a great photo session.

adorable toddler portrait, family photography, family photographer, baby photography, Liverpool

Karin’s family loved these images and they said they would be happy to take another photo session when Karin is older. Which is great for me, as it would be an honor to get back and document her growth and life basically through high quality images. Karin’s photo session was a great experience for me and her parents were extremely happy with the experience and the entire process. They didn’t want a very complex photo session, they decided to go with something simple and a lot of fun. I respect their choice, and honestly it was the best option. I had a blast with this photo shoot and I certainly want to repeat this kind of experience in the future if possible!

I am very satisfied with the results and if you like as well, please share my work and feel free to contact me if you want to book the photo session with me. Also, the info about pricing you can find here.

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