Personal and business branding in Cheshire and surrounding areas


This is one of my favourite parts of my photography work, storytelling. We will “write” the story about your business through the photos and start building your personal/business branding. With this kind of photos, you will be more personal and that's why you can bring your business closer to your potential customers.


   Building a personal/business brand is necessary for every business. Doesn´t matter if you are the virtual assistant who is working from the home office, travel blogger on the road or baker who runs a small bakery on the corner. You need a professional portrait photographer.

For example, you are a chef who runs a nice dinner. You can show the location of the dinner, some behind of scenes, how you getting ready for opening and of course, how you prepare the meal and after the final presentation on the table.

  Also if the result of your work is some product you can use my product photography services.


  Now you got the picture what is personal branding, but where you can use it? These photos are the perfect base for your web page, Facebook fan page or any promotional materials such as flyers, banners, etc.


My additional service for this kind of photoshoot is marketing management. I can show you and help you with basic marketing strategy, how to be more visible on Google how to advertise and much more. Everything depends on your needs.


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