Commercial headshot photographer in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire


  Commercial portrait or headshot photography is the perfect solution for the company which would like to have a nice representative portrait of employees.  Of course, could be for anyone who needs a representative portrait for a politic campaign, LinkedIn, Indeed or just for nice looking CV.

  In this age is very important in building corporate identity and personal brand. Professional commercial headshot or portrait can help you with this.

 You can use these photos on the webpage, in company literature or in the press. Nice portrait in your CV can help HR to remember you because your CV contains something different like others.

   Between commercial portrait and the normal portrait is a very small difference. It is more about what you wearing, it is formal or informal clothing, depends on which style requires your company or your career position.

   The photoshoot could be on location for example in your company as well as in the studio. I recommend bringing a couple of outfits, maybe a suit or maybe trousers and a blouse or jeans and a shirt. Whatever you feel comfortable in and shows the kind of styling you'd like to be associated with. 

Corporate head shots serve a variety of purposes:

  • LinkedIn personal profiles as well as publisher profiles

  • Facebook

  • About us page

  • Professional Resume

  • Corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising collateral

  • Company publications and websites, internal and external

  • Press releases and other announcements

  • Marketing materials

  • Articles and newspapers

  • Author pages


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